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Here's a small sampling of the many expressions of gratitude Marjorie receives from parents and students she has helped personally and those who visit her free website:

"I home school my son Christopher, and for the past three months we've been looking into colleges to apply to.  We came across your website, and it's been a very reliable resource for us.  It's been so convenient to have all the information we need in one place, without being overwhelmed with irrelevant information and resources."

- Kay


"Thank you so much for the information and addressing all the points that I brought up. I sincerely appreciate your time and advice. I will help her to look into colleges which are more in line with her grades and test scores. It is so hard to know what to do, however this has helped and I will be sure to look at the websites you have listed. (And thanks for all the information on your website!)"

- Carmel  


"Love your website & our family follows your twitter - many thanks for all the wonderful info you provide for college- bound kiddos."

- Monica

"I am the luckiest mom in the world, all three of my kids have LOVED their schools, all three perfect fits.  Thanks so much again for all your help."

- Susan


"I cannot thank you enough for the gift of all your monthly newsletters and advice.  I am feeling very guilty because I have not paid a penny for your invaluable information.  
Our daughter applied to 5 schools:  Notre Dame, Bucknell, Boston College, College of St. Bens/St. John's University and Santa Clara University.  She has been accepted to CSB/SJU with the Regents'/Trustee's academic scholarship ($16,000/yr) and to SCU with a $6,000/yr academic scholarship.  She's still awaiting word from the other 3.  

 I think you do an outstanding job in your service to students and their parents and were most generous to us.  I just want you to know your advice and newsletters made a huge difference to our course selection and application process.  Thank you very much.
Our son is a Junior and so the process begins again. Thank you so very much."

- Peggy


"We are so excited that our son got an acceptance to Georgetown and Boston College. He would love to go to Georgetown but we are asking him to wait and see what all his options are before making his decision. We all feel that your working with us was a major contribution to this accomplishment. I am sure you know what a relief it is to have this acceptance so soon!!! With the year we have had, it is nice to be able to breathe easier on this issue!"

- Pat


"We are slowly surely coming back to earth around here but we are beyond thrilled for our son for all of his acceptances, 6 in all (Princeton, Pomona, Hopkins, Emory, USC and Michigan honors). In addition he is wait listed at Vanderbilt and Wash U. In any climate, this is an incredible accomplishment but in this record year, I must say, nothing short of a miracle. He could not have done this without you and we are deeply grateful for your patience and expertise."

- Joel

"I wanted to let you know that I was accepted to USD!!!!! I would like to thank you so much for all the help and patience! I am very thankful for having someone as wonderful and positive during this hectic senior year time."

- Indira


"YES…our daughter got into Penn!  She is so excited.  Thank you for everything and especially for your words of encouragement.  We are recommending you to many of her junior friends."

- Natasha

- Theresa


"We are very pleased with the results. Many of the private Universities offered scholarships. Thank you so much for all of your help during this exciting time in David's life."

- Patty


"You were an invaluable help. Thanks to your good advice our daughter applied to 'one' early school and was accepted to 'one' school. Answered Prayer,"

- Kim


"Alex got in!!!! She received the letter today. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. Would not have been possible without it."

- Betsy


"Needless to say, we are over- the- moon thrilled with our daughter's acceptances and financial aid packages. She was accepted to a wonderful collection of colleges across the United States. She did not receive any rejection letters, and was ultimately accepted off the wait lists of SMU and LMU! It was her dream to attend SMU and it became a reality thanks to your support and guidance. We just can't thank you enough.  We will be sure to sing your praises at every opportunity, because we could not have done it without you."

- Lauri and Brett

"You were especially helpful in the critical formative stages of preparing Max and giving us all perspective on the process. Thank you, always."

- Dan


"Our son got into NYU! He was 1 of only 2 kids accepted into the Clive Davis program at Tisch under early decision. "

- A grateful mother!


"We are so grateful for all your help and support."

- Susan


"Thank you so much for all that you have done. I really do appreciate it a lot!  It was great working with you.  It was SO helpful! Thanks again!"

- Amanda


"FYI, our daughter has settled in at Vassar and is very, very happy. We had such a positive experience moving her in.    We were welcomed by a crowd of about 20 students, wearing "I Love Vassar" T-shirts, cheering and waving as we drove up to her dorm.  The kids unpacked everything and carried it to her room, all in about 2 minutes. Every time we saw her, over about a 36 hour period, her smile was broader and broader.  Watching her skip down the stairs of the Vassar library is a moment I will never forget.  The administration (good people) was on top of everything which contributed to the general well-being of us parents as we separated from our kids.  What an experience!  I started having second thoughts and doubts the week before she left (What did I agree to? What's the matter with USC?  Why didn't you like the Pomona colleges?)   By the time my husband and I left Poughkeepsie, all my doubts were gone.  She is where she was supposed to be. Thank you so much for assisting us through the process.  Thought you'd like to know."

- Lisa


"I will be going to Stanford next year! Thank you so much for all of your help."

- Jessica


"Thank you so much for helping me with the college application process. I don't know if I could have been accepted to all of these schools if it wasn't for you!"

- Christian


"I write to you after an emotional visit from Hanover, New Hampshire.  I have found the school for me.  After being shown around by the president of the student body last night, I knew immediately that Dartmouth was a perfect fit. While I am glad that this process is finally over, it saddens me that I will no longer be working with you.  You made my college search and application process exciting.  I cannot thank you enough for your balance between encouragement and realism; it allowed me to reach for a school like Dartmouth, while keeping me grounded at the same time.  I could not have done this without you and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Hey, there is always law school!"

- Ben


"I'm a Blue Devil!!!! Duke Class of 2012! Thank you so much for everything. I owe so much of my acceptance to you."

- Rose



EDITOR'S NOTE: For more information about adMISSION POSSIBLE, or to arrange an interview with Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, contact Nancy Trent or Pamela Wadler at (212) 966-0024.





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