adMISSION POSSIBLE THE BOOK: Everything you need to know about about finding, applying and getting into the BEST college for you
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June, 2012

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates), the leading library journal dedicated to the needs of young adult librarians.

adMISSION POSSIBLE: The "Dare to Be Yourself" Guide for Getting into the Best College for You. Sourcebooks, 2012. 272p. $16.99 978-1-4022-6331-6.

Shaevitz compiles her years of experience guiding students through the college admissions process into this comprehensive work. In the same way that college admissions officers view applicants, Shaevitz's guide looks at the students holistically, offering advice for students from their freshman through senior year on how to be an appealing candidate for admission and how to decide which college is the right fit. Some of these topics include extracurricular activities, standardized tests, college visits, and admissions essays.

The great thing about this resource is that it takes a process that is daunting for all involved and breaks it down, organizing it into manageable chunks. Furthermore, Shaevitz does an admirable job of taking all her audiences into consideration. For instance, she speaks not only to the student but also directly to parents about how they can help their children. She also acknowledges underprivileged students who may not have ample resources available to them and may have to work to support their families. This reference guide will make an excellent purchase for individual students, parents of high school students, school counseling offices, and public and high school libraries. It is highly recommended. — Cheryl Clark

chicago tribune

May 3, 2012

Chicago Tribune Special Teen Section, The Mash.

'adMISSION POSSIBLE' makes college process less intimidating
By Jessenia Martinez, Benito Juarez

There are many books out there to guide you through the process of preparing for college. "Admission Possible" by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz is a perfect match for those who want a simple explanation of the play-by-play steps with timelines and checklists to keep you on track.

Shaevitz begins with a different approach than most college prep books by talking about preparing for college academically right from the start of high school. The steps to having a successful, stress-free application process all depends on the classes, activities and internships one takes through their four years in high school, she says.

Not only is this book great for students who are preparing for college, but it's great for parents as well. "Admission Possible" has helpful hints for students and parents to take into consideration when navigating the college process. It explains different standardized tests such as the ACT, PSAT and PLAN, as well as advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and how thee things can help you.

Tip boxes are easily located on various pages and after every chapter in the book. There are also timelines within each chapter to help you know when to accomplish things on your checklist from freshman through senior year.

For example, the chapter on tests and test preparation has a list of all the standardized test students are expected to take along the way, what they cover and how you can prepare for them.

This book creates a straightforward approach to college prep and all of the things you might want to know, such as how to write a college resume, how to choose extracurricular activities, how to forge a great relationship with your high school counselor and more.

Having this book is like having your own private college admissions counselor to walk you through every little step and hold your hand.

chronicle of higher education

April 27, 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education

adMISSION POSSIBLE selected by Nina Ayoub as one of nine "Selected New Books on Higher Education".


April 2012

Gr9 Up

Shaevitz's suggestions and advice could prove invaluable for students and parents involved in the college-admissions process. The 15 chapters divide admissions into basic steps to use as a guide, beginning with the important high school academic preparation. Tips for sharpening and improving one's prospects include taking additional coursework through online or local colleges and participation in competitions, academic clubs, etc. The author makes suggestions for selecting extracurricular activities to enhance the application. Fostering good relationships with teachers, test preparation and finding colleges to consider and visit preced chapters covering early admission, different types of recommendations and what to say during interviews. – Susan Shave, Hemingford Public Schools, NE




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