adMISSION POSSIBLE THE BOOK: Everything you need to know about about finding, applying and getting into the BEST college for you
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"This is a must-read for any high school student preparing for college applications! adMISSION POSSIBLE makes the often overwhelming, mysterious process of college applications doable, with experienced insight and actionable tips. I also love that it's about getting into the best school for you - not just the best ranked school. AdMission Possible provides valuable guidance in selecting schools as well as actually applying. Don't wait until you're a senior!"

- Lexi, Boston, MA


"I wanted to let you know that I wad accepted to USD!!!!! I would like to thank you so much for all the help and patience! I am very thankful for having someone as wonderful and positive during this hectic senior year time."

- Indira


"Thank you sooooo much for all that you have done. I really do appreciate it a lot! It was great working with you. It was SO helpful! Thanks again!"

- Amanda


"I will be going to Stanford next year! Thank you soo much for all of your help."

- Jessica


'Thank you so much for helping me with the college application process. I don't know if I could have been accepted to all of these schools if it wasn't for you!"

- Christian


"I'm a Blue Devil!!!! Duke Class of 2012! Thank you so much for everything. I owe so much of my acceptance to you."

- Rose

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"adMISSION POSSIBLE is the bible for parents and students ready to think about and eventually apply to college. It gives them a real edge in getting them into the colleges of their choice."

- Susan and Steven Schutz, Founders, Co-Directors, Bluemountain Arts

"I love your book! And took the liberty of sharing it with a Harvard professor friend. That is a sign of a very successful book, when we are all competing to share the information."

- Spencer Johnson, Author The One Minute Manager, Who Moved My Cheese


"Marjorie is like Obi Wan Kenobi-sage, and all knowing… Going through the college process without Marjorie's words would be like skydiving without a parachute."

- Sue Waggener, JD and Steve McCracken, Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer, Callaway Golf


"I recommend Marjorie Shaevitz to all of my clients who have children that want to get admitted to top colleges. She is fantastic. Marjorie loves her work and her dedication shows in her results. adMISSION POSSIBLE is a wonderful way to learn her techniques and to help you - or someone you love - get admitted to the school of his or her choice!"

- Marshall Goldsmith, author, MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back if You Lose It, The AMA Handbook of Leadership, professor, Executive Coach


"Marjorie takes a very difficult and complex area and makes it so much easier, particularly since we are from Mexico City. Admissions Possible is a book that anybody can relate to. Whether you're a very strong student or not, the program helps you to be able to do the best you can. It is wonderful."

- Lillie and Mario Mauser, President, OPLEX, Aeroplex, Terrmocel companies. Mexico City

"My daughters have both benefited greatly from the advice that Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz gives on her website and I'm so glad that she has published a book. The book is an excellent resource (and a great gift) for anyone who is starting the arduous and often confusing journey of preparing to apply for college. It's packed with information that you won't find in one place anywhere else and is the result of years of research and familiarity with the college admissions process. I recommend it highly."

- Treacey Lau, Melbourne, Australia

"This is a must read for all high school students and their parents. Getting into college nowadays is complex. This book is a fabulous resource to help guide you through the process. I highly recommend this book and would give it 6 stars if I could."

- M. Fackler, Executive Mentor, La Jolla, CA

"Although I'm waaay past the age of going to college, I have grandchildren who are coming up to that point. How I wish a guide like this was available in my day! All the information one needs to make informed, wise decisions as to choice of college and how to go about getting admitted are in this book. Plus, the added advantage of having the information organized in an easy to find, read, understand format. Three cheers for Marjorie Shaevitz for sharing her knowledge. adMISSION POSSIBLE is a treasure!"

- Nana


"Bottom line, I love adMISSION POSSIBLE.  I like the idea of telling your reader what to do in each of the four years of high school. I doubt that any other book does that. I love the "bottom-line" definitions, tips and side notes to parents. This makes it the kind of book that I would actually keep my own notes in... I want to underline, highlight, and make big exclamation points! I like that you let us in on the "underbelly" of all this stuff. I appreciated the wealth of "other information" that you offered... the websites... the books... the resources. Your book is one stop shopping" for someone who is busy and just wants to get the goods all in one place."

- Bev Kay, Founder/CEO, Career Systems International

"What impresses me about the book is how much knowledge there is. Everything is organized in a fantastic way that makes it easy to use and get what you want. The AdMISSION POSSIBLE program helps kids identify who they are, identify what their passions are, not trying to guess what it is the schools are looking for. The book helps students to present themselves in the best possible way and then let the schools choose them because it's a positive choice for the student and the school. AdMISSION POSSIBLE helps students choose a place where they will really fit in, really feel good about themselves, and where they are going to have a wonderful experience."

- Mary and Joe Walkush, MBA, Senior Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

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"Marjorie Shaevitz’s book adMISSION POSSIBLE is a welcome addition to the self-help literature on college admission. It fills a role that no other book I am aware of satisfies. First, it is wonderfully comprehensive; secondly, it is extraordinarily accurate in a field with a million small details that can change abruptly. Thirdly, it is written both accessibly and humanely in a way that encourages and empowers students and families, but without the gimmicks and coyness that mar some other books in the field. Finally, it is comforting and fun to read. Although I am an experienced guidance counselor and former admissions officer, I found some things in it that I didn’t know."

- Jon Reider, former Senior Associate Director of Admission at Stanford University (1985-2000), Director of College Counseling, San Francisco University High School


"Navigating the maze of the college application process has just been made much easier by the publication of Marjorie Shaevitz's superb book adMISSION POSSIBLE. As an Educational Counselor for MIT for almost two decades, I've had the privilege to interview and advise hundreds of college applicants. That experience allows me to fully appreciate the special value this book offers. It is the resource that high school students and their parents have needed for so long but was not available. The book is exceptionally well-organized and loaded with practical advice and useful information. In addition, it follows a logical and graphically pleasing format that avoids eye-tiring, text-crowded pages. In short, this expertly written book is the ultimate guide on college admissions."

- Enrique Lombrozo, Educational Counselor at MIT, Santa Luz, CA


"Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz knows more about college admissions than anyone I know. Read adMISSION POSSIBLE and you'll see what I mean."

- Congressman Jared Polis, 2nd District of Colorado, former Chair, Colorado State Board of Education

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"adMISSION POSSIBLE delivers completely on its promise. This book is a comprehensive, definitive resource that demystifies the entire college application process - from the earliest possible step to the last - with graphics that make it easy to read and comprehend, examples of what works and what does not, and tips that will make the process admission possible, for sure."

- Gayle Tauber, New York, NY


"Applying to colleges was daunting forty years ago (when I was a high school senior). Today, the process and standards are even more challenging. Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz's new book is a fabulous compendium that provides a comprehensive view of what is required for today's young adult to: 1) find the FIT (an important first step), 2) access/apply, 3) successfully enter their college(s) of choice. I am going to begin giving the book as an EARLY graduation present to students as they enter high school so they can begin preparing!"

- Kristy Petersen, Chicago, IL


"This is a terrific resource... the best I've seen. adMISSION POSSIBLE makes this daunting task much less so with its easy navigation, clear language, and reassuring voice. The website is excellent, too. VERY helpful! Thank you, Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz!" 

- Dale Steele, La Jolla, Ca


"Having read many books on the college admissions process and having friends and colleagues who are working in all sorts of ways to help support kids get into college, it's refreshing to have come across Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz's adMISSION POSSIBLE. Among the things that the book has going for it are the following: It is logical, consistent, and organized. Information about the college admissions process is "chunked" effectively thus making the whole process way less overwhelming. It has appeal. The content and graphics appeal to all kinds of learners and make it easily accessible to students and their families. It is relevant. Using a 21st century lens, Hansen Shaevitz makes this material applicable and relevant to today's high school student. It is thorough. It is apparent that this book does a "deep dive" into the college admissions process. It is a "reinforcer." Given the budgetary and personnel constraints at most high schools these days, this book can be used in conjunction with whatever tools are offered at a school site. It is supportive. The book is also a tool for parents to enable them to understand the expectations and pressures that their child(ren) are facing and how they, as parents, may be able to support and help. It is versatile. This is resource that could be read by a junior high school student upon entering high school or a high school junior or senior before embarking on their admissions process."

- Dr. Amy Ahfeld




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